Monday, October 3, 2011

Wax Off . . .

Aiden really wanted to take a bath in "momma's tub" last night.

No big deal, right?

Except for last night.

I thought it would be okay to put the sheets I had washed back on my bed while Aiden harmlessly played in the tub. So I brought in some of his tub toys and put bubbles in the water like he likes it and started putting the sheets on the bed. (side note, the bathroom is in my bedroom so I wasn't leaving him unattended by any means)

A few seconds later, I hear, "uhhh moooom?"

So i peeked my head through the door to check on him only to see that he has


And on the week that he has school pictures too!!!

See that whole white area?

Eyebrow hairs used to live there.

See that bare patch right in the center?

Is that a scar from a tough bar fight?

Nope, did some manscaping last night.

It doesn't look as bad in this pic but his little face was too cute not to include!

Hope he thinks this story is as funny in ten years when we pull out "those pictures from the year Aiden shaved his eyebrows!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duck Walks . . .

The neighborhood I live in is basically a square mile of houses.

We can walk for two miles and stay on different roads the whole time!

One of the areas of our neighborhood has a cute little duck pond and walking trail around it. Aiden loves for us to take him to go see the ducks. It is always really cute to see the little families at the pond fishing or walking their dogs, and since Aiden has a new spider man fishing pole, we thought we would take it with us. (minus any bait or lures or hooks)

Aiden is "fishing".

He trotted all the way around the duck pond, fishing all the way!

He kept putting the pole in the water and saying "I fink i got sumpin!"

These two don't look alike AT ALL....

A nice lady who lives in the neighborhood takes it upon herself to be the keeper of the ducks.

She will question your motives for being at the pond (to see the ducks), ask if/what/how much you fed them (we didn't feed them anything), ask if we let our dog off the leash to chase the ducks (are you serious? NO), she will even tell your 2 year old about the proper hand scooping technique to adequately spread the duck food out to all the ducks so as not to skip any, and let him know if he could put his hand a little more like a scoop. (lady, he is 2)

BUT, he loved getting to feed them and see them all come up to him like they were great friends, and he asks to go back pretty much every day, so I guess duck lady didn't scare him too much!

I know what we will be doing tomorrow! Quack quack

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Manly Dress Up . . .

Fire chief Aiden.

Complete with green frog fire boots!

Riding the "fire truck"

Climbing the ladder!

Sticker Face...

Kids are so funny!!

The things they think of to do!!

I might have helped him fill in some of the gaps ; )

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation Fun . . .

This year for vacation, we packed up and headed to see my sister and her family in Dallas! Dillon had the week off work which was so nice because we usually have split time at home! He is at work while I am home and vice versa. 

Aiden loved getting to play play with his cousins Campbell and Cannon!

We are getting ready to go to the water park! Aiden wouldn't smile, he just kept making binoculars with his hands.

American Idol practice at Campbell's piano.

Ohhhh, some princess lip gloss!!! I think I will put some on! Don't tell daddy!

We went to eat at Firehouse Subs last week and you get this little fire hat with a kids meal. Needless to say, Aiden wore it the rest of the night!

One of Aiden and Dillon's painting masterpieces.

I am praying for fall!!!